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Seriously, I’m Never Home

Shortly after the turn of the decade in January, I was perusing Reddit’s /r/dataisbeautiful and found someone who had built a location heatmap using OpenStreetMap, his Google location history, and some python to tie it all together. Given I’ve been carrying an Android phone and letting Google spy on me since early 2010, it seemed like a great way to end off the decade.

My maps for 2010-2020 are at the end of the post. For those wanting to do this for themselves, here’s the easy to follow instructions.

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Welcome to the Future!

After eight years of completely ignoring my personal website, I’ve decided it’s time to make something out of it again. There’s almost no content up here at the moment, but hopefully moving onto an actual easy-to-maintain blogging platform will actually encourage me to write and post things occasionally.