About Me

Well that’s genuinely terrifying…

I’m not that interesting – we’ll start with that statement and work forward. I’m really not, honest. If you don’t have a passing interest in railroads, photography, electronics, programming, insulator collecting, etc., I’ll probably bore you out of your mind.

For those of you who must know, I’m 43 and live in eastern Colorado Springs. I’m not a native Colorado resident by any means – I was born, raised, and educated back in eastern Iowa, and eventually I do hope to return. Basically I consider myself an Iowan in exile. Colorado’s nice, in that it keeps me close to narrow gauge country, but it’s getting a bit too crowded here for my tastes.

By day, I’m an electrical engineer who went to the dark side – I work as an analyst and software engineer at FedEx Services. I originally hired out to do low level firmware work on FedEx’s SuperTracker, but over the years my job has evolved into all things URSA/ASTRA. Not a lot I can talk about there – most of what I do and know would be considered trade secret.

I’m also the co-founder of Iowa Scaled Engineering. Michael Petersen – a long time friend from college and beyond – and I started ISE back in 2012 and have been crazy enough to keep it going since. We build all sorts of things, but focus on products useful to electronic hobbyists and model railroaders.

On my way to Alaska in 2015 after a day in the mud and rain with Ridgeline #1.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also run a couple railroad-related websites (DRGW.Net, the Unofficial Iowa Interstate fan site, and the Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum), collect insulators, old telephone / telegraph / power distribution hardware, and railroad memorabilia, spend a good amount of time roaming around the world photographing trains, and am also an avid model railroader, focusing on a proto-freelance modern day version of Alaska’s Copper River & Northwestern Railway.