Action Around Colorado – July 2001

Unlike other trip reports, which typically focus around trips (big surprise there, eh?), this one focuses more around just a random collection of trips throughout the Front Range area in the last couple weeks, and my adventures in getting used to my new camera, a Canon EOS D30. After the Tennessee Pass trip, I became agitated enough with my Olympus C-3000 (not having adequate zoom functionality) and dropped the money for a D30. However, as with any complex tool, it’s taking some time to get used to and to understand all the quirks. The photos are steadily getting better, but not quite up to my standards yet in terms of getting the right shot most of the time. As I said, though, it’s mainly photographer error, not the machineā€¦ Either way, in the first section we’ll be checking out Denver’s South Local on 6-July-2001, and then seeing it again (a week later) in part two, along with an MDVPU with 5413/5407 on the front. In the final part, I’ve included just a few photos and bits from a trip up to the Moffat on Sunday, 15-July-2001.

Denver’s South Local – July 6, 2001

Out and Around Colorado – July 6-15, 2001

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