Nathan's Various Software Projects

Nathan's Various Software Projects
Microchip PIC-Related Software

Bootloader for PIC16F87xA (link)

Last Updated: 28-Mar-2005
I've been a fan of Rick Farmer's bootloader almost since the day I first got my hands on the PIC16F876. It's still superior to most of the others out there, in my opinion, because it can be operated from anything that has a terminal client - no special software needed, just dump the HEX file at it as ASCII. When Microchip updated the PIC16F87x line to the A revision (PIC16F873A, 16F874A, 16F876A, and 16F877A), they changed the program flash writing scheme to require pages of 4-opcode blocks to be written. This breaks Rick's latest (1.5 - 2002) code. So, I decided to update it so that I could continue to use it with these parts, as the non-A versions are no longer in production. So, for those interested, here's the zip file with the modified assembly source (what I'm calling 1.5a) and a binary that does 19200-8-N-1 at 20MHz. As Rick's code was under the GPL, this modification is also free software and licensed under the GPL.

PicP for Windows (Cygwin) v0.5c

Last Updated: 13-Jan-2006
No Longer Available There's no real need to use my Win32 port any longer. A current Win32 port is being maintained by Jeff Post on his site, which is much more up-to-date at version 0.6.8.

Update (5-May-2008): Jeff no longer seems to be posting the Win32 binary, so here's a compiled version of his 0.6.8, as well as source code: Win32 bin - src

Other Software

Google Maps Integration for PmWiki (link)

Version 0.7 - Last Updated: 18-Nov-2007
Why another Google Maps plugin for PmWiki? Ben Wilson did a very nice one that I've been using for over a year now, but nothing has really happened on progress towards 2.2.0 in almost a year. I understand that people get busy with other projects (Lord knows I'm guilty as charged), but the license specifically forbids modification or redistribution of his code. I needed to make changes, and it seemed that if I was already going to do that, I might as well just create a new one that could be considered Free Software, so that others can help me work on it and add new features.

In an effort to ease the transition of dozens of pages I already have coded, I kept as much of his wiki directive syntax as possible. It's an entirely new codebase, however. See my MapsAPI page for install / usage instructions, as well as the zip file.

Email Notification Addon v1.0 for Coranto

Last Updated: 21-Mar-2003
For those that don't know, Coranto is a news management program for websites. It's compact, fairly powerful, and does almost everything I want. I've been using its previous version, Newspro, for several years now. However, Coranto has had one critical piece missing since I started looking at it - a way to send email notifications when news is submitted. After becoming frustrated with this last night, I decided to bite the bullet, force myself to remember what little I know about Perl, and write a plugin that would do what I needed. The result of that is Email Notify, a very, very simple addon for sending email.

The zip file containing and a readme file is available from here. I'm making this code public domain rather than GPL, just so it doesn't risk interfering with Coranto's bizarre licensing state.

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