Rick Farmer's Bootloader for PIC16F87xA Parts

Rick Farmer's Bootloader for PIC16F87xA Parts

I've been a fan of Rick Farmer's bootloader almost since the day I first got my hands on the PIC16F876. It's still superior to most of the others out there, in my opinion, because it can be operated from anything that has a terminal client - no special software needed, just throw the HEX file at it as ASCII. When Microchip updated the PIC16F87x line to the A revision (PIC16F873A, 16F874A, 16F876A, and 16F877A), they changed the program flash writing scheme to require pages of 4-opcode blocks to be written. This breaks Rick's latest (1.5 - 2002) code. So, I decided to update it so that I could continue to use it with these parts, as the non-A versions are no longer in production. So, for those interested, here's the zip file with the modified assembly source (what I'm calling 1.5a) and a binary that does 19200-8-N-1 at 20MHz. As Rick's code was under the GPL, this modification is also free software and licensed under the GPL.

Documentation and Source


Version 1.5a[src]
Version 1.5a Binary
Note: Targetted for 877A @ 20MHz for 19200 baud, 8-N-1
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